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Because I took the engine out decided to take the whole bike apart for cleaning and painting the parts.
Not exactly decided how to, because want to preserve the lived live it had but remove the failure that are brought to it this last decade.

They all are big parts and within two hours you have almost everything off, leafing you right here.

Update: 10-10-2015
-Cleaning the frame was time consuming, but works better when its clean

Removed the paint completely, as there where two layers of paint
Her you have the frame

And here the front fork

Frame back from the painter, start reassemble all parts.
First results are great.

Update: 01-11-2015
Got the painted parts back from the painter so could reassemble it further.
I hade a little bid trouble with the nut off the monoshock. But with a bid force to press the spring in all wend well

Slowly it is starting to look like NSU, still much to do.

Update: 08-11-2015
Slowly the superlux is coming back together, but still a lot to do.
Next I will be focusing myself on the engine

Update: 02-01-2016
Still not going fast, renewed the wiring looms and put more parts together.
Waiting on a 6V battery, and gold striping before I can go to the next step.

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