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The choice to buy myself a NSU, is also based on the knowing my father has one. (one off the first max's)
It would be fun to drive together in style to certain events or just a small local trip.

The max is inside the family for many years, (with some long resting periods) but resonantly brought back in a running condition.
In the winter, the bike will a bid more refurbished but ''the live it lived'' will also be preserved.

Her you have us, on one off our first trips. (always in good weather)

The NSU max (1953)
Original parts are still there (like, Tank, frond wheel, tail light, and other bits)
This setup is only made for bring here back to live.

The MAX engine

Old type carburetor


Separated float bowl (That only the first types had)

Typically NSU loge before they where world champion

The Engine is a special one, as it has the cooling rips on the crank cases.
This series was a pre production, before the more common (smooth) crank cases came in production
Frame and engine are correct, and indicates that this is one off the first Max's build.

Story about these engines is not well known.
One is story is that the pre-production engine/max where build fore a small and loyal group off NSU owners.
They should ride/test the bike and report there findings.
As the later Max engines have a smooth crank cases, most likely the first engines would stay to cool and the cooling ribs where not needed

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